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apple brandy

The equipment for the making of apple brandy is from France. From 450 l of cider, 45 l of  apple brandy is what can be taken out after the destillation process.
As a natural part of product development we produce apple brandy for sale. Our Distillery was ready in the autumn of 2009,
with French equipment. Apple brandy is stored in oak barrels for 3 years.

The process of making apple brandy takes time. It starts with burning the cider. From 450 litres of cider, comes out 45 litres of apple brandy with an alcohol level of 73%. The apple brandy is then put into oak barrels to mature during 3 years, part of it matures in new barrels and part of it in barrels that have been used for redwine production. The apple brandy takes color and taste from both and is in the end beeing mixed togehter after having been brought down to an alcohol level of 40%.
The apple brandy is maturing in oak barrels for 3 years.