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apple juice from hardanger

After pressing, the apple juice  is beeing roughly filtered in order to keep some of the pulp, which is important to maintain a good taste and nutrient level. The juice is therefore not clear, but cloudy.

apple juice without additives

Apple juice is a 100% pure natural product from Hardanger, without any sugar added nor other additives of any kind. To avoid fermentation the juice is being pasteurized and then tapped on a "bag in box ". The product will last for at least 2 years after production date in unopened package.

A taste experience
When apples have been mashed, the juice is being filtered. The result of this is that most possible taste and
nutrient content is preserved. Flavor
may vary according to which apples are being used in the mixture.
Apples like Gravenstein, Summerred and Aroma are mostly used.
The apple juice is for sale in many food shops and farm shops in Hardanger, Bergen area, Haugesund area, Stavanger area.
You can also order directly from the farm:



The apple juice gets its taste from good, sunkissed Hardanger apples. The juice is a 100% natural product without any added sugar or other sweetners, nor water or perservatives. 
The apple juice is beeing sold in practical 3-litre boxes and can unopened be stored up to 2 years.
The apple juice is beeing sold through different food stores or can be ordered directely from the farm.